CSN Foundation celebrates 60 years and redefines your brand

CSN Foundation celebrates 60 years and redefines your brand


In the same year that CSN celebrates 80 years, CSN Foundation celebrates six decades of operations, marked by the execution of projects and programs that are directly connected with CSN's mission and essence.

Taking advantage of this milestone, CSN Foundation started a process to redesign your brand and your way of communicating, in order to make the purpose of transforming lives and communities more evident, based on the areas of action: education, culture, articulation and curatorship.

Responsible for the CSN Group's social actions, the Foundation's purpose is to transform lives and communities through the pillars that support your operations: education, culture, articulation and curatorship. CSN Foundation is present in six states, with direct operations in 27 cities and also with nationwide public notices.

Para mais informações, acesse o site da Fundação CSN: https://www.fundacaocsn.org.br/ https://www.fundacaocsn.org.br/

CSN's Diversity Program wins Faz Diferença Award

CSN's Diversity Program wins Faz Diferença Award


CSN won the Faz Diferença Award, in the Rio development category, with the program Diversity in Steel, which the main objective is to increase representation by gender and race at the Presidente Vargas Steelworks. The Prize is organized by Firjan (an association that represents all the industries of the state of Rio), in partnership with O Globo newspaper.

In 2020, CSN created more oportunities for women in the steel industry, such as the increase of the percentage of employed women by 7.5% in 2018 to 10.4% in 2020, and also created opportunities for African Brazilians to get promoted. 

The announcement of winners of all categories was made on July, 30th in the special supplement on Faz Diferença, in the newspaper O Globo – Click here to read the article (in Portuguese). The award will take place on 8/25, at Casa Firjan (Rio de Janeiro).

CSN discloses 2020 Integrated Report

CSN discloses 2020 Integrated Report


CSN has just published its Integrated Report for the year 2020. The material shows the results of the Group's five businesses - steel, mining, cement, logistics, and energy.

Highlights include CSN's improvements in several indexes related to ESG issues. One of the most significant was reducing greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1 and 2) by 8% per ton of steel produced at Presidente Vargas Plant (UPV) in Volta Redonda. This outcome is close to the 10% target foreseen only for 2030.

Besides the reduction in emissions, another positive point was the 8.3% reduction in the total volume of water withdrawn in 2020, in all areas where the CSN Group operates, compared to 2019.

The advances are also significant about operational safety, in which the company achieved, in 2020, an 18.3% reduction in accidents compared to 2019. This was the best rate in the last seven years. "I see CSN at its best moment in all aspects. We have a much more modern company, with an agenda based on innovation, good environmental practices, and the best way to treat its employees and its workforce. All of this leads us to a perenniality expected for a company of this size, with our assets. And all this reflects internally", explains Helena Brennand Guerra, CSN's Director of Sustainability, Environment, Health, and Workplace Safety.

Click here to access the Integrated Report 2020.

CSN Group welcomes exclusive training classes for women and people with disabilities in Mining and Steelmaking units

CSN Group welcomes exclusive training classes for women and people with disabilities in Mining and Steelmaking units


In recent weeks CSN Mineração received more than 120 new employees through the 2021 Capacitar Program. But the great differential of this initiative is that all positions are exclusively for women and people with disabilities (PDs), working in the operational and maintenance areas.


The same happens at CSN Siderurgia, which opened about 200 positions exclusively for hiring women and people with disabilities. These professionals will be hired in September and December 2021, in the maintenance, operational and railway areas.


The training and onboarding of new employees has been done virtually and also through in-person meetings, when necessary, maintaining all the health and safety protocols required.


This initiative, which is part of a partnership between CSN, CSN Foundation and SENAI, aims to promote and offer access as well as professionalization conditions that guarantee equal opportunities and promote diversity in the labor market.


“We believe that a sustainable inclusion process starts through education. To value and intensify the Capacitar means to create opportunities, and especially equality for all”, says Alan Ricieri Gianotti, manager of Diversity and Inclusion at CSN.

CSN Inova invests in startup focused on graphene production and application

CSN Inova invests in startup focused on graphene production and application


Com a mesma ousadia que, há oitenta anos, transformamos a história da indústria nacional, reafirmamos orgulhosos nossa posição de protagonismo e inovação com um anúncio que está movimentando o mercado: a CSN INOVA, liderada por Felipe Steinbruch, por meio do veículo de investimentos CSN Inova Ventures, investiu na 2DM, uma startup de Singapura focada em grafeno. Fundada pelos brasileiros Ricardo Oliveira e Antonio H. Castro Neto, a 2DM tem em seu board Konstantin Novoselov, ganhador do Nobel de Física em 2010 pelo seu trabalho com o material que promete revolucionar o futuro da indústria. Confira a entrevista de Gabriela Toribio, Gestora da CSN Inova Ventures, e José Noldin, Head de Estratégia de Tecnologia da CSN Inova, em matéria publicada no Brazil Journal.  

MOVER commits to 10,000 new leadership positions for black people, and investing in professional development of 3 million individuals by 2030

MOVER commits to 10,000 new leadership positions for black people, and investing in professional development of 3 million individuals by 2030


MOVER, Movement for Racial Equality is an initiative that brings together CSN and another 44 large Brazilian companies as well as multinational corporations (MNC) in an unprecedented cooperative movement, which unites competitors and partners from different sectors of the economy to promote racial equality. This initiative is expected to generate 10,000 new leadership positions for black people, and invest in professional development of 3 million individuals by 2030.

The initiative is encompassed, to name a few, by Alcoa, Aliansce Sonae, Align, Ambev, Americanas, Arcos Dorados, Atento, Bain & Company, BRF, Cargill, Coca-Cola Brasil, Colgate-Palmolive, CSN, Danone, Descomplica, DHL, Diageo, Disney, EF, General Mills, Gerdau, GPA, Grupo Carrefour Brasil, Heineken, JBS, Kellogg’s, Klabin, Kraft Heinz, L’Oréal Brasil, Lojas Renner, Magalu, Manserv, Marfrig, MARS, Michelin, Mondelëz International, Moove, Nestlé, O Boticário, PepsiCo, Petz, Sodexo, Tenda, Vale and Via.

In the agreement, all companies assume a public commitment against racism. This cooperative endeavor in MOVER relies on the active participation of CEOs in decision-making, and aims to accelerate the change of existing personnel processes, and ultimately, effectively impact society. To boost its impact, MOVER seeks to add more companies interested in partnering with this initiative, expand targeted actions, promote debates, and build a platform for learning and best practices sharing. MOVER believes in transforming today for a better tomorrow.

The full manifesto is available at the MOVER website (www.somosmover.org).


The MOVER – Movement for Racial Equality – is formed by 45 different companies to promote racial equality and fight against racism. This initiative is based under three pillars: Leadership, to reach 10,000 new leadership positions for black people by 2030; Employment and Training, create opportunities for professional development of 3 million people by offering trainings and connecting with black entrepreneurs; and Awareness, become a support and inspiring tool to raise racism awareness among the population.

CSN participates in its first meeting as a member of CDP Benchmark Club

CSN participates in its first meeting as a member of CDP Benchmark Club


CSN believes in responsible and transparent management of natural resources to which its operations interact. Annually, one of the ways that the Company uses to communicate its practices and environmental performance data to its stakeholders is the report to CDP (Disclosure Insight Action). stakeholders é o reporte ao CDP (Disclosure Insight Action).

CDP is an organization that mobilizes investors, companies and governments in order to build and accelerate collaborative actions for development that works for current and future generations. Once a year, CDP asks companies, cities, states and regions to provide data on their environmental performance and transforms this data into analyses of risks, opportunities and impacts adopted to support the decision-making of investors, companies and political decisions.

CSN responds to water safety, supply chain and climate change questionnaires, having received, in 2020, a score upgrade in the Climate Change dimension - from D to C. And, in order to continue developing the transparent management of these themes, CSN joined, in 2021, the CDP benchmark club. benchmark club.

This initiative provides tailored support to companies on the CDP reporting journey, so that they understand and improve their data and manage their environmental risks more effectively. In addition, through the sharing of experiences between member companies and training, as companies access the best market practices in terms of sustainability.

On 05/13, CSN's Sustainability team attended the first meeting of members, as a newcomer to the group. “We will be able to improve sustainable management practices and, above all, benchmark with companies from all over the world, in line with current trends in climate and water risk management, with focus on improving the corporate management of environmental issues.” - says sustainability specialist Flávia Andreotti, who represented the Company at the event.

The agenda with CDP continues throughout the year and the novelty for this cycle is the individualized reporting of data from CSN Mineração, a CSN Group company that recently underwent an IPO.  

CSN participates in the Global Compact’s Action for Climate integration event

CSN participates in the Global Compact’s Action for Climate integration event


In April, the United Nations Global Compact Action for Climate Platform organized an integration for the new participants who begin their activities in the year 2021. CSN, which has been a signatory to the initiative since October 2020, was present at the event.

Welcomed by Dominic Schmal, coordinator of the Platform, with a contextualization about the representativeness of the Global Compact Brazil Network - the third largest in the world, with more than 1100 members - and the impacts that Action for Climate Change have on the other Sustainable Development Goals.

The importance of incorporating climate risks into corporate decision-making and the collaboration of companies with governments and other civil society actors were highlighted as crucial factors in mitigating and delaying climate change and building resilience to ongoing changes.

“It is very important to be part of a platform like this to anticipate and prepare for the main trends in this theme. The exchange with other companies that have common challenges is very enriching”- says Rachel Ávila, Sustainability Specialist at CSN.

CSN is engaged in this theme, reflecting the strategic importance that the Company attributes to its Climate Agenda.

CSN’s 80th anniversary celebrated in a full week of online events

CSN’s 80th anniversary celebrated in a full week of online events


Last April 9th, CSN completed 80 years of history. In order to celebrate such important date – without giving up all necessary measures in this pandemic moment – the company carried out a week of online-only events.

Around 3 thousand viewers were able to accompany several lives, which had as a highlight the participation of some employees who were and are part of this journey. Memories of our past, remarkable stories and CSN’s vision to the future had everyone excited. lives, que tiveram como ponto alto a participação de alguns dos colaboradores que fizeram e fazem parte dessa jornada. Lembranças do nosso passado, histórias marcantes e a visão da CSN para o futuro empolgaram a todos.

ESG panel brought up relevant discussions on how circular economy presents an opportunity of generating sustainable business alternatives to the companies in CSN Group. Besides, an interesting debate on daily applicability of steel showed that this raw material will remain as essential to our society.

But it was a double celebration: in 2021, CSN Foundation reaches 60 years of creation. Therefore, some lives were conducted by the Foundation, and brought excellent results of its cultural and educational projects along with musical presentations and artistic expositions. lives foram conduzidas pela Fundação, e trouxeram os excelentes resultados de seus projetos de educação e cultura, além de uma apresentação musical e exposições artísticas.

Inea determina desinterdição do Porto de Itaguaí

Inea determina desinterdição do Porto de Itaguaí


A CSN informa que o Instituto Estadual do Ambiente determinou a desinterdição do Porto de Itaguaí, que havia sido determinada de forma ilegal pela prefeitura local. A decisão do órgão ambiental, acatada pelo municipio, comprova o que já havia sido esclarecido pela empresa desde o primeiro momento: seus dois terminais portuários (Tecar e Sepetiba Tecon) possuem todas as licenças ambientais e atuam de acordo com que a legislação determina. A empresa refuta mais uma vez todas as acusações infundadas apresentadas pela prefeitura.