CSN’s 80th anniversary celebrated in a full week of online events

CSN’s 80th anniversary celebrated in a full week of online events


Last April 9th, CSN completed 80 years of history. In order to celebrate such important date – without giving up all necessary measures in this pandemic moment – the company carried out a week of online-only events.

Around 3 thousand viewers were able to accompany several lives, which had as a highlight the participation of some employees who were and are part of this journey. Memories of our past, remarkable stories and CSN’s vision to the future had everyone excited. lives, que tiveram como ponto alto a participação de alguns dos colaboradores que fizeram e fazem parte dessa jornada. Lembranças do nosso passado, histórias marcantes e a visão da CSN para o futuro empolgaram a todos.

ESG panel brought up relevant discussions on how circular economy presents an opportunity of generating sustainable business alternatives to the companies in CSN Group. Besides, an interesting debate on daily applicability of steel showed that this raw material will remain as essential to our society.

But it was a double celebration: in 2021, CSN Foundation reaches 60 years of creation. Therefore, some lives were conducted by the Foundation, and brought excellent results of its cultural and educational projects along with musical presentations and artistic expositions. lives foram conduzidas pela Fundação, e trouxeram os excelentes resultados de seus projetos de educação e cultura, além de uma apresentação musical e exposições artísticas.

Inea determina desinterdição do Porto de Itaguaí

Inea determina desinterdição do Porto de Itaguaí


A CSN informa que o Instituto Estadual do Ambiente determinou a desinterdição do Porto de Itaguaí, que havia sido determinada de forma ilegal pela prefeitura local. A decisão do órgão ambiental, acatada pelo municipio, comprova o que já havia sido esclarecido pela empresa desde o primeiro momento: seus dois terminais portuários (Tecar e Sepetiba Tecon) possuem todas as licenças ambientais e atuam de acordo com que a legislação determina. A empresa refuta mais uma vez todas as acusações infundadas apresentadas pela prefeitura.

CSN holds Water Forum 2021 in online format

CSN holds Water Forum 2021 in online format


In the week of World Water Day (3/22), CSN held the 8th edition of its Water Forum. Organized by Communication and Environment Departments, the event had an online format for the first time and was attended by employees from all the business segments of the Group.

With several lectures, the Water Forum provided a great exchange of experiences, in addition to giving visibility to sustainability projects developed internally and contributing to the conscious use of water at CSN.

“The event was a great opportunity to put forward projects related to the management of water resources in the Mining and Steel Industries, Transnordestina and in the coal mines in Santa Catarina. We are proud of the success of this encounter”, says Claudio Graffunder, CSN’s Environment General Manager.

CSN’s environment specialist, Antônio Carlos Simões, presented significant data on CSN's water performance in the last 20 years: “We had a 70% reduction in the water captured by Presidente Vargas Steel Mill (UPV), even with the installation of the thermoelectric plant, the cement factory and the long steel plant. During this period, the unit was able to reach a water recirculation rate of 94% and proactively reduced its water allocation permit by 30%, making more water resources available to other users in the Paraíba do Sul River basin. Besides, specific water use in UPV was 22.1 m³/t, well below the world average of 28.6 m³/t”.

The Water Forum had more than 700 viewers and had Combustech as a guest, which shared its experience in managing risks and opportunities related to water resources.

Helena Guerra is recognized as one of the women at the forefront of innovation

Helena Guerra is recognized as one of the women at the forefront of innovation


In an interview released this week on the portal “Fast Company Brasil”, CSN’s Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety Director, Helena Guerra, was highlighted as one of the women that are mostly involved in innovation matters in Brazil.

In her second season at CSN and with 20 years of experience in the environmental sector, Helena has the great mission to integrate the sustainability, environmental, health and safety areas of the Group. In addition, she works daily for strengthening ESG practices - an item considered one of the three pillars of the company's growth strategy in the medium and long term.

An enthusiast of issues related to innovation, Helena sees study, preparation and dedication as fundamental ingredients for women who seek to succeed both in the universe of sustainability and in other areas.

In the interview, CSN's constant concern with increasing female participation in all its job positions was also emphasized. Benchmark in the sector with 14% of women in the operational staff, the company aims to reach 28% by the year 2025.

To check the full article, access: https://fastcompanybrasil.com/quem-sao-as-mulheres-a-frente-da-inovacao-hoje/. https://fastcompanybrasil.com/quem-sao-as-mulheres-a-frente-da-inovacao-hoje/.

With its IPO, CSN Mineração reinforces its commitment to ESG practices

With its IPO, CSN Mineração reinforces its commitment to ESG practices


On February 18th, CSN Mineração (ticker CMIN3) concluded its initial public offering (IPO) at B3. Raising around R$ 5.2 billion, the offer is among the 10 largest IPOs in B3's history in terms of volume.

The Company, which is part of CSN Group and is one of the largest iron ore producers and exporters in Brazil, celebrated the operation with a symbolic ringing bell on February 23rd, at B3's headquarters in São Paulo.

“It is with great pride that we celebrate the beginning of CSN Mineração's negotiations on B3. The IPO represents a historic moment for the company, and we are very happy to share with everyone the opportunity to build, together, a new chapter in the history of mining”, celebrated Benjamin Steinbruch, CEO of CSN.

The funds raised by the CSN Mineração’s offer will be used by the company to carry out expansion projects, such as the Itabirito P15 project and the Tailings Recovery Project at Pires and Casa de Pedra Dams. These and other actions reinforce CSN Group's commitment to its ESG agenda.

“CSN Mineração was a pioneer in implementing the technology for filtering and stacking tailings. We started the dam de-characterization schedule and in just over ten years we will no longer have this type of structure. I see CSN treading a great path towards a more modern company. With an agenda that is based on innovation, on good environmental practices and on giving the treatment to its employees. All of this leads us to an expected continuity for a company of our size”, explains Helena Guerra, director of Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety at CSN.

With the realization of its IPO, CSN Mineração becomes the 23rd company listed on B3's Level 2 Corporate Governance.