Bylaws, Codes and Policies

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CSN operates in a transparent and ethical manner towards employees, suppliers, customers and communities in which it operates, in full compliance with domestic and foreign laws applicable to its business.

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Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy

The Code of Ethics of the group’s companies, in addition to meeting the standards of personal and professional conduct expected in our relationship with employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, communities, competitors and the environment, is also a statement of corporate conduct and the commitment of employees. Download here our Code of Ethics.

The Anti-Corruption Policy of CSN sets out the guidelines and the Company‘s commitments to combat all forms of fraud and corruption in accordance with the anti-corruption laws. Download here our Anti-Corruption Policy (NG1000.05).

New Sustainability Policy

With a mission to bring together policies and practices of departments that are particularly important and have synergies, the Sustainability, Environmental, Health and Safety Executive Office launches a new Sustainability and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Integrated Policy, signed by the Company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Our Policy and the Environmental Management System reaffirms our commitment to creating value to stakeholders and are aligned to regulatory guidelines as well as the best global practices, encouraging the application of the guidelines to all operations, setting up detailed responsibilities and procedures to be followed. Guided by our Policy, operational units have dedicated Sustainability and Environmental Management teams, which provide support in processes with the purpose of offering tailored ingenious environmental solutions, in accordance with each unit’s context.

CSN – “Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional”, based on its values and essence of “fazer bem, fazer mais e fazer para sempre”, aligned to the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, propositionally acts in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions that are capable of adding value to the businesses of Steel, Mining, Cements, Logistics and Energy. Through the proactive incorporation of environmental, social, competitive, ethics and governance practices in its decisions and the enhancement of the culture of preventing and controlling risks to health and safety, respecting the environment and getting its direct and indirect employees to behave ethically and safely, CSN  ALWAYS (“SEMPRE”) commits to:

Sustainability of business: to contemplate sustainability in the decisions of CSN Group  as a principle to guide its businesses within all their life-cycle, considering the protection of the environment and biodiversity, the conscious use of natural resources and actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change as differentials to act in the forefront of the development of processes, products and innovative solutions, in order to prevent and mitigate negative impacts and to enhance the generation of positive impacts on local communities. Besides, to align its practices to national and international commitments, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as well as to maintain, through its leadership, each employee as responsible for environment protection and for its own performance in Health and Safety, through self-care and safe behavior.

Ethics, Transparent and Inclusive Company: to clearly, transparently and timely communicate its performance on matters related to environment, health, safety and its social actions, aiming at preserving the relationship with the communities based on dialogue, reconciling the feasibility of businesses with local development, materialized in investments in social and environmental projects and programs that collaborate in the conservancy of environment and the improvement of  life quality in the locations we are present. To follow the principles of good governance, ethics and integrity, respecting human rights and proactively acting against child, forced or compulsory labor, harassment and discrimination in all forms along our entire value chain. To stimulate a diverse and inclusive work environment, the respect to free union association and the right to collective bargaining, keeping communication channels with internal and external audiences open and internalizing their demands.

Make continuous improvement: to guarantee all its employees and partners to search for continuous improvement of their performance in activities through safe, healthy and life quality work  and to consider environmental aspects, health and safety risks and innovation as an inherent part of their tasks, in a way that the efforts to reach constant improvement may also be reflected on work conditions and general well-being, complying with acknowledged standards for health, environmental protection, life quality and safety at work.

Protection of the Environment, Prevention of Pollution and Accidents: to consider protecting the environment and to prevent the occurrence of accidents and negative environmental impacts as strategic pillars in the construction of its goals and targets, seeking to influence the entire production chain. To develop and encourage programs aimed at protecting the environment and preventing pollution, fostering circular economy through sustainable and conscious use of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity. To manage, in a structured way, aspects and controls to mitigate impacts and risks to the environment, health and safety at work.

Respect for the Legislation: to comply with the current legislation regarding the protection of the environment, health and safety at work and seek, whenever possible, to exceed our obligations, anticipating challenges arising from potential regulatory changes.

Education and Training: to train, capacitate, educate, raise awareness and encourage our employees to adopt innovative, participatory and committed behavior for the high performance of their activities, with a vision of sustainable development and social responsibility, through the implementation of a culture that encourages them to constantly experience the concern for the environment, biodiversity, health and safety for all.

Learn about the Sustainability Policy (Portuguese Only).

The present Sustainability, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy was formally approved by CEO in December 10th, 2020, immediately coming into force, with indefinite duration.