2020 CSN Day


2020 CSN Day

Approaching the theme “2021 Business Perspectives and ESG Commitment”, the event was carried out in December by the Company’s Investor Relations team and aimed at bringing CSN’s executives closer to general public, enhancing the search for transparency and demonstrating, once again, the confidence in the perspectives even in face of a challenging year, besides detailing several actions implemented by CSN in environmental, social and governance areas.

Promoted on-site in Casa de Pedra (Congonhas/MG) in 2018 and in New York (USA) in 2019, the 2020 event, due to COVID-19 pandemic, was conducted remotely and consisted of a corporate presentation, which comprehended strategic information to the investors, such as operational results, perspectives and ESG-related initiatives, followed by a Q&A session. The event’s closing was marked by the receipt of an attendance seal awarded by APIMEC (Association of Capital Markets Analysts and Professionals).

Benjamin Steinbruch, CEO, Marcelo Ribeiro, Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer, Helena Guerra, Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety Director, Luiz Fernando Martinez, Commercial Executive Director, Enéas Diniz, Executive Director of Mining and Felipe Steinbruch, Head of Strategy and Innovation, were the Executives representing CSN on 2020 CSN Day.

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