CSN Foundation

CSN Foundation is responsible for CSN’s social responsibility initiatives, acting as a Community transformation agent through social, education, sports and cultural development. CSN Foundation perceives political discussions as important tools in the pursuit of a harmonious relationship with public authorities, companies and institutions where we do business. Accordingly, in 2019 in a partnership with the Local Government of Volta Redonda, Sebrae, Trade Associations and local businesses, we created the “Polo Gastronômico Volta Redonda” (Culinary Hub) to strengthen local economy through culinary and tourism.

23 cities

with direct action from the CSN Foundation

289 bolsas para ensino

fundamental, medium, technical and superior

6,883 young people impacted

for the CSN Foundation projects

441 ações culturais realizadas no último ano

554,229 people impacted

by the CSN Foundation initiative

3.415 crianças e adolescentes
atendidos em 2020

2,300 children and adolescents
attended in 2019

81 Circula Brasil presentations

299 mil espectadores

CSN Foundation Cultural Center

Space of free and multidisciplinary actions, aimed at the formation and dissemination of art, education and culture.

47.078 de visualizações nos eventos online promovidos em 2020

58.751 visitantes em 2019

Stories that stay

Consultancy, promotion and diffusion program for Brazilian audiovisual production, which culminated in the production of:

8 documentaries shown in
151 sessions Itinerant Exhibition with
total audience of 10.568 spectators

Young Apprentice Program

Aimed at the insertion of young people in the labor market and carried out in eight centers.

Em 2020, foram attended
1.083 jovens

Through partnering with
132 empresas

Environmental Education Program

Socio-environmental intervention that includes lectures, events, cultural activities and workshops in schools and communities in Minas Gerais: Arcos, Belo Vale, Congonhas, Ouro Preto, Pains and Rio Acima.

The program answered
17,875 people, in actions taken
in 8 schools in 11 communities

Scholarship program

In order to prepare students for university and the labor market, the CSN Foundation grants partial and full scholarships to the Pandiá Calógeras Technical School (RJ) and the Technological Education Center in Congonhas (MG).

In the biennium,
795 scholarship were granted

Empower Hoteliers and Services

The training program that takes place at Hotel-Escola Bela Vista and Vila Buniness Hotel, in Rio de Janeiro, seeks to train young people aged 16 to 29 for the job market and their first job.

Since the beginning of the project in 2007, they have trained
1.374 young people

Win the World

Scholarship program in place since 2016, implemented by the CSN Foundation and sponsored by CSN in partnership with Barnard College, New York University focused on teaching for women.

781 subscribed people

39 fellows participated in the Training Process

24 fellows took courses in English improvement and academic experience in New York

7 young people have been approved for full and partial scholarships to graduate from US universities

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