CSN participates in its first meeting as a member of CDP Benchmark Club


CSN believes in responsible and transparent management of natural resources to which its operations interact. Annually, one of the ways that the Company uses to communicate its practices and environmental performance data to its stakeholders is the report to CDP (Disclosure Insight Action). stakeholders é o reporte ao CDP (Disclosure Insight Action).

CDP is an organization that mobilizes investors, companies and governments in order to build and accelerate collaborative actions for development that works for current and future generations. Once a year, CDP asks companies, cities, states and regions to provide data on their environmental performance and transforms this data into analyses of risks, opportunities and impacts adopted to support the decision-making of investors, companies and political decisions.

CSN responds to water safety, supply chain and climate change questionnaires, having received, in 2020, a score upgrade in the Climate Change dimension - from D to C. And, in order to continue developing the transparent management of these themes, CSN joined, in 2021, the CDP benchmark club. benchmark club.

This initiative provides tailored support to companies on the CDP reporting journey, so that they understand and improve their data and manage their environmental risks more effectively. In addition, through the sharing of experiences between member companies and training, as companies access the best market practices in terms of sustainability.

On 05/13, CSN's Sustainability team attended the first meeting of members, as a newcomer to the group. “We will be able to improve sustainable management practices and, above all, benchmark with companies from all over the world, in line with current trends in climate and water risk management, with focus on improving the corporate management of environmental issues.” - says sustainability specialist Flávia Andreotti, who represented the Company at the event.

The agenda with CDP continues throughout the year and the novelty for this cycle is the individualized reporting of data from CSN Mineração, a CSN Group company that recently underwent an IPO.