CSN participates in the Global Compact’s Action for Climate integration event


In April, the United Nations Global Compact Action for Climate Platform organized an integration for the new participants who begin their activities in the year 2021. CSN, which has been a signatory to the initiative since October 2020, was present at the event.

Welcomed by Dominic Schmal, coordinator of the Platform, with a contextualization about the representativeness of the Global Compact Brazil Network - the third largest in the world, with more than 1100 members - and the impacts that Action for Climate Change have on the other Sustainable Development Goals.

The importance of incorporating climate risks into corporate decision-making and the collaboration of companies with governments and other civil society actors were highlighted as crucial factors in mitigating and delaying climate change and building resilience to ongoing changes.

“It is very important to be part of a platform like this to anticipate and prepare for the main trends in this theme. The exchange with other companies that have common challenges is very enriching”- says Rachel Ávila, Sustainability Specialist at CSN.

CSN is engaged in this theme, reflecting the strategic importance that the Company attributes to its Climate Agenda.