Diversity Actions

At the end of 2018, CSN saw the need to work on values ​​and concepts, seeking to inform, support and welcome people who are interested in and identify with themes and actions that aim to combat behaviors related to any type of prejudice, discrimination or intolerance, creating a working group on diversity, which meets monthly and acts based on 5 pillars:


Seeking awareness, respect and support for employees who identify with the LGBTQIA+ cause.


It seeks equality, respect and inclusion of diverse ethnicities in the work environment.

Gender equality

Seeking equality, respect and women's empowerment inside and outside the work environment.

Disabled people

It seeks equality, respect and inclusion of people with disabilities in the work environment.


It seeks awareness, respect and support for employees over 50 years old. 

13 Events with about 1,000 Participants

110 Volunteer Collaborators involved in deepening and possible solutions to increase and respect CSN diversity.

Inclusion of Women: UPV records 31% increase in the number of female employees in 2019.

Our focus is to increase diversity by encouraging inclusion, equality, respect and tolerance for differences. Since 2017, UPV (Presidente Vargas Steelworks) have relied upon the Diversity Program, whose premises are to respect, value and encourage, through 3 action pillars: increase women representation, increase the number of black employees and hire persons with disabilities. We encourage hiring persons with disabilities and offer technical training and mentorship to black employees, to prepare them to hold positions technical, support and medium and senior management areas. In 2018 and 2019, we worked hard on the technical training of women in order to raise awareness of employees and foster inclusion at CSN through guided opportunities. Therefore, we recorded a 31% increase in the number of female employees at UPV, compared to 2018, closing 2019 with 1,264 women.

Initiatives created at the UPV

Percentage of women at UPV