CSN Group welcomes exclusive training classes for women and people with disabilities in Mining and Steelmaking units


In recent weeks CSN Mineração received more than 120 new employees through the 2021 Capacitar Program. But the great differential of this initiative is that all positions are exclusively for women and people with disabilities (PDs), working in the operational and maintenance areas.


The same happens at CSN Siderurgia, which opened about 200 positions exclusively for hiring women and people with disabilities. These professionals will be hired in September and December 2021, in the maintenance, operational and railway areas.


The training and onboarding of new employees has been done virtually and also through in-person meetings, when necessary, maintaining all the health and safety protocols required.


This initiative, which is part of a partnership between CSN, CSN Foundation and SENAI, aims to promote and offer access as well as professionalization conditions that guarantee equal opportunities and promote diversity in the labor market.


“We believe that a sustainable inclusion process starts through education. To value and intensify the Capacitar means to create opportunities, and especially equality for all”, says Alan Ricieri Gianotti, manager of Diversity and Inclusion at CSN.