Occupational health and safety

Para nós, a segurança vem em primeiro lugar em todos os seus aspectos. Sempre mantivemos práticas e treinamos os colaboradores visando à segurança durante os processos produtivos e trabalhamos com afinco para melhorar nossos indicadores ano a ano. A inserção de novos colaboradores nos projetos ocorreu de forma planejada, sem comprometer o processo evolutivo de anos anteriores, mas em uma velocidade menor. Os novos processos de trabalho também ocorreram de forma ordenada em decorrência do nosso foco na mudança, um dos elementos importantes do nosso sistema de gestão. Em 2020, o processo evolutivo foi significativo, atingindo uma taxa de frequência com afastamento de 1,4 acidente, um decréscimo de 18,3% em comparação aos anos anteriores. 

Moreover, through our Corporate Health and Safety Policy, we prepared the Health and Safety Management Manual, based on good market practices, rules and national and international recommendations. The Manual contains guidance on the activities of our own and outsourced employees regarding proactive and safe behavior, compliance with legislation, mitigation and control of hazards and risks, as well as prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses through 10 elements that define responsibilities and needs for specific prevention tools. CSN’s Health and Safety Management System adopts 2 key principles:

– Ensuring the safety of our employees and our community is the most important aspect in developing our activities.
–Minimizing exposure and protecting the physical integrity and health of our own and third-party employees, anticipating occupational incidents and illnesses.

These principles are based on 10 elements:

Commitment and Leadership


Standards and Procedures

Behavioral Development

Risk Management


Legal Requirements



Competencies and Skills Management


With a mission to bring together policies and practices of departments that are particularly important and have synergies, the Sustainability, Environmental, Health and Safety Executive Office launches a new Sustainability and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Integrated Policy, signed by the Company's Chief Executive Officer.Health, Safety and Environment) assinada pelo Diretor Presidente da Companhia.

Our Policy and the Environmental Management System reaffirms our commitment to creating value to stakeholders and is aligned to regulatory guidelines as well as the best global practices, encouraging the application of the guidelines to all operations, setting up detailed responsibilities and procedures to be followed. Guided by our Policy, operational units have dedicated Sustainability and Environmental Management teams, which provide support in processes with the purpose of offering tailored ingenious environmental solutions, in accordance with each unit’s context.

Learn about the policy here.


OSH issues are the responsibility of each and every one. CSN leaders are responsible for ensuring that this responsibility is exercised, emphasizing that care with OSH issues is considered in the management of all organizational processes and in the relationship with all stakeholders. The leader at CSN, through discipline and presence, exercises this management. Through his example and with preventive attitudes and behaviors he demonstrates the value he places on OSH issues.

SST professionals

CSN's OSH professionals support their leaders, mainly in technical, legal, behavioral and systemic aspects, so that everyone can exercise their OH&S responsibilities with excellence. A continuous process of monitoring legal requirements and internal procedures is carried out in order to ensure advance knowledge of requirements and to maintain adequate standards and procedures.


SST procedures are designed and made available to serve as a reference for conducting projects and carrying out routine or non-routine activities. Procedures and standards are controlled in order to be kept up to date, available and accessible.

Safe Behavior

The correct feedbacks and the example of the leaders support the development of appropriate behaviors. Behavioral dialogues are conducted between job performers and behavioral observers (with leaders being the main behavioral observers). The behavioral dialogues are conducted by collaborators qualified in the techniques of identifying deviations and in approaching people.

Supplier Management

SST issues are always considered in the relationship with all suppliers. Every service is purchased according to a previously defined specification. The specifications establish OSH requirements and before hiring any supplier it is ensured that he is able to supply.

Capacitação em SST

Employees (own and third parties) are the only link capable of keeping CSN on the path to excellence. Therefore, care with the management of your skills and abilities is fundamental. The leader ensures that his team is prepared to exercise their responsibilities in a safe, clean and healthy way. All activities that focus on the development of competences and skills have their effectiveness assessed. In addition to qualification and habilitation, people are accustomed to the people, equipment and facilities that will have contact in the day to day work.

The identification and analysis of OSH risks and impacts are carried out using qualitative and / or quantitative methodologies appropriate to each situation. The identification and analysis of risks and impacts in OHS are considered throughout the life cycle of the projects, from their basic conception to their eventual decommissioning, including the design, construction, operation and improvement. The identification and analysis of OSH risks and impacts are used to direct the management of all activities, routine or non-routine, and processes in order to prevent the occurrence of potential or actual losses.

For issues related to health and safety at work, 100% of our employees, our own and third parties, are covered by formal health and safety committees. The committees dealing with the subject, at the operational, managerial and leadership levels, are as follows:

In 2019, we performed more than 30,000 occupational exams in compliance with NR-7, in addition to assistance services, which not only served to protect the health of employees, but also to assist in the demographic monitoring of our population, allowing, from the results obtained from these medical evaluations, we could maintain existing prevention and health promotion programs in place, such as the PPAE (Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program and the use of Narcotic Drugs), ergonomics programs, social support, occupational physiotherapy, in addition to the preparation and implementation of the Viva Mais Program, for quality of life and health promotion.

In addition, we have employee health monitoring programs, such as: