CSN Foundation

CSN Foundation is responsible for CSN’s social responsibility initiatives, acting as a transformation agent in the communities through social, educational and cultural development. CSN Foundation perceives political discussions as important tools in the pursuit of a harmonious relationship with public authorities, companies and institutions where we do business.

Among CSN Foundation’s cultural initiatives is Garoto Cidadão, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019, when it assisted 2,330 children and adolescents between age 10 and 18 who are in social vulnerability situation, in after school activities.

In the 2-year period, we have sponsored 130 projects of partner institutions, through tax incentive laws, 31 cities in 12 states


CSN Foundation uses funds from the management of 5 assets:

100% of the initiatives’ income is used to carry out CSN Foundation’s social projects.

Through CSN Foundation’s initiatives, we offered technical training to young people joining the job market and for their first job, spread environmental education and fostered women empowerment and contributed to building gender equality opportunities. Learn more about the projects on CSN Foundation’s site .

Shareholders and investors

We express our concern for communications transparency and good investor relations practices by building a close relationship with analysts and investors.

Coupled with conference calls held quarterly for earnings release and material facts publication, we have complimentary initiatives to interact with the market, which are opportunities for analysts, shareholders and potential investors to meet our executives, become familiar with the investment thesis, monitor our performance and clarify any possible doubts. Check out some of 2019’s initiatives:

Investor Day na NYSE

Financial market players were able to directly meet members of CSN's senior management. At the end of the Day, Benjamin Steinbruch, our Chief Executive Officer, accompanied by the Executive Board, rang the closing bell of the NYSE trading session.

Seal for participating in Apimec’s analyst meetings

The event organized by the Brazilian Association of Investment Professionals and Capital Markets Analysts was attended by the CEO, Benjamin Steinbruch.

Proudly, in 2018 and 2019, we were part of the British FTSE4Good Index Series, which assesses 300 social, environmental and governance performance indicators, and, therefore, comprises companies praised for their commitment to ESG matters. It is a practical evidence of our efforts to comply with the strictest environmental, social and governance standards.

Check out our investment thesis in the 2018/2019 Integrated Report.


Our People Management model arises from the belief that human capital is our competitive advantage and the best assurance that we will stand out in the markets we serve. We transform knowledge into success, based on passion, dedication and skills that create opportunities, achievements and recognitions, driven by our efficient and integrated people management, underpinned by five pillars:

We ended 2019 with 24,869 own employees, most of them working in the steelmaking sector, followed by mining and logistics. Men account for 86.2% of the staff while women represent 13.8% – the number of female employees has increased over the years, with a considerable 15.0% progress compared to 2018.

Own employee breakdown by gender
Own employee breakdown by gender
Gender equality

UPV records 45% increase in the number of female employees

The increase in female employees shows the actions put in place to hire and provide technical training to women, specially the Diversity Program, at UPV. In 2018 and 2019, we worked on the women’s technical training to raise employees’ awareness and foster inclusion at CSN through guided opportunities. Therefore, we recorded a 45% increase in the number of women at UPV, compared to 2018, closing 2019 with 1,264 female employees in this unit.

Diversity Committee has 5 working groups

The Diversity Committee was created in 2018 and acts on five fronts for inclusion and non-discrimination of minorities.

Health and safety

For us, safety comes first in all aspects. We have always maintained safety practices and trained our employees on safety during production processes and we work hard to improve indicators every year.

We began the critical risk (fatalities) identification process for an incident prevention program, based on ISO 31.000/2018 standards (risk management).

Moreover, through our Corporate Health and Safety Policy, we prepared the Health and Safety Management Manual, based on good market practices, rules and national and international recommendations. The Manual contains guidance on the activities of our own and outsourced employees regarding proactive and safe behavior, compliance with legislation, mitigation and control of hazards and risks, as well as prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses through 10 elements that define responsibilities and needs for specific prevention tools.

These principles are based on 10 elements:

Good health and well-being

Health and safety

For us at CSN, people, their safety and integrity are the greatest value among all our goals and priorities. Our health and well-being initiatives include the PPAE (Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Program) that aims to identify employees who are addicted to substances, whether it is alcohol or legal or illegal drugs, and offers proper support and treatment.

Decent work and economic growth

For occupational health and safety matters, 100% of both our own and third-party employees are covered by formal health and safety committees. Committees hold periodic meetings and group discussions on our guidelines and metrics.


Suppliers were contracted based on domestic standards as well as national and international procurement practices. The Compliance Office. Program establishes thedue diligenceprocess for third parties and the use of mechanisms to detect possible conflicts of interest, tasks which are the responsibility of the Audit, Risk and Compliance Office.Contracts set forth clauses to ensure strict and full compliance with internal rules, including the Anti-Corruption Law.

Number of suppliers that have gone through due diligence in the period.

Quantidade de fornecedores que passaram

Proportion of expenses with suppliers

During 2018 and 2019, suppliers were paid over just over R$12 billion and R$14 billion, in accordance with the proportion per CSN sector shown below:

2017 2018 2019
Steelmaking 64% 67% 65%
Mining 14% 13% 15%
Ports 11% 13% 13%
Outros 11% 8% 7%