Find out more about ESG Week at CSN


CSN held its first ESG Week in December 09, 10 and 11, 2020 with a diversified virtual schedule to its internal audience, community and investors. The event opening was led by the Company’s CEO, Benjamin Steinbruch; by the Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety Director, Helena Guerra; by the CFO, Marcelo Ribeiro and by the CSN Foundation president, Mônica Fogazza.

On this first virtual event, the speakers presented to the audience the meaning of the abbreviation ESG and approached the relevance of the theme to the world and to CSN. They emphasized that the new agenda of companies’ commitments to environmental, social and governance issues sets not only targets, but also tangible metrics of practices and results of each corporation.

The following event cellebrated the adhesion of CSN as a new Global Compact signatory. The Institutional and Legal Director of the Company, Luiz Paulo Barreto mediated the conversation with the Executive Director of Brazilian Network of the Global Compact, Carlo Pereira. In this encounter, Carlo clarified what the compact consists in, what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are and the resulting impacts to our society.

On the second day of the ESG Week, Compliance Day was carried out, with the participation of CSN’s audit, risks and compliance manager, Guilherme Duque and the guests Antônio Carlos Hencsey, founder of Hencsey – Ethics Applied, also founder and creator of @eticalizando and Mario Júnior, associate in S2 Consultants and co-founder of IPRC Brazil. During the day, they approached the obviousness of doing the right thing and the behavioral risk, closing out with an interactive activity: a game of questions and answers with the virtual audience.

CSN Foundation carried out a live to external audience about Human Rights and Community Relations. The online roundtable was mediated by André Leonardi, general manager of CSN Foundation, with the participation of Rogério Sottilli, executive director of Wladimir Herzorg; Fabio Silvestre, project manager of CSN Foundation, and Helena Guerra, CSN’s Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety Director.

To close the week, a last virtual round of conversation was conducted. The Global Compact’s challenge of community relations and social transformation was the approached theme, also mediated by André Leonardi, CSN Foundation’s general manager. The conversation was joined by Aline Mara, Secretariat of Culture in Volta Redonda; Bruno Marcato, director of Pandiá Calógeras Technical School; Fabio Silvestre, CSN Foundation’s project manager and Gustavo Gomes, pupil of Garoto Cidadão (“Citizen Kid”) Project, who described its history of six years of formation In the project.

These days of online events allowed CSN to internally spread the ESG concepts, essential to the company’s processes. The adhesion and the engagement of all the employees have to occur in a continuous and effectively transforming pathway so the company could reach, with joint efforts, the goals of this important agenda to the whole planet.