Integrated Reporting

Fundação CSN - Impact Report 2022


Select a GRI

GRI 102

General contents

GRI 103

Form of management

GRI 201

Economic performance

GRI 202

Market presence

GRI 203

Indirect economic impacts

GRI 204

Procurement practices

GRI 205


GRI 206

Anti-competitive behavior

GRI 207


GRI 301


GRI 302


GRI 303

Water and effluents

GRI 304


GRI 305


GRI 306

Waste update

GRI 307

Environmental Compliance

GRI 308

Supplier environmental assessment

GRI 401


GRI 402

Work management and relationships

GRI 403

Occupational health and safety

GRI 404

Training and education

GRI 405

Diversity and equal opportunities

GRI 406


GRI 407

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

GRI 408

Child labor

GRI 409

Forced or compulsory labor

GRI 410

Security practices

GRI 411

Rights of indigenous peoples

GRI 412

Human rights assessment

GRI 413

Local communities

GRI 414

Supplier social assessment

GRI 415

Public policy

GRI 416

Customer health and safety

GRI 417

Marketing e rotulagem

GRI 418

Customer privacy

GRI 419

Socioeconomic compliance

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