CSN Innovation

Created in 2018, CSN Inova is CSN's corporate innovation area, which aims to strategically and actively position the Company in the innovation ecosystem. CSN Inova is responsible for systematizing and leading the innovation process in an organized and comprehensive manner, in order to enable the execution of innovation projects by groups of people with different skills and different areas of activity.
We mapped the internal challenges of several areas of the Company and conducted the open innovation process, connecting our employees with innovative solutions. We work in the co-creation and co-development of solutions, as well as in the evaluation, contracting and construction of partnerships with startups and other ecosystem agents. We created an innovation platform with four pillars of integrated action with different formats of innovation:

CSN Inova Open

In 2021, more than 50 diagnostic sessions were conducted in the Steel, Mining, Logistics and Cement segments, with the involvement of more than 20 different areas, which resulted in numerous challenges opened throughout the year. Thus, for these challenges, CSN Inova Open mapped its processes and indicators, in addition to measuring its economic and strategic potential in order to identify assertive technological solutions for proof-of-concept tests and pilot projects followed by implementation at scale, when applicable.

CSN Inova Ventures

At CSN Inova Ventures, to ensure access to the best opportunities, there were more than 100 connections with investment funds and startup accelerators in Brazil, Israel, USA, Singapore, China, England, among other countries, in addition to partnerships with agents that are reference in the innovation and Venture Capital market, such as Endeavor, ABVCAP and BR Angels. As a result of the connections and market studies carried out, the investment thesis was established, which today includes Industry 4.0, Greentechs (eg energy, energy efficiency, technologies to assist in the decarbonization of processes, etc.)/ESG, and Adjacent Themes ( Healthtechs and Agtechs). The companies chosen to be part of the fund cover topics of extreme importance for the future of the CSN Group, such as advanced materials (2DM), decarbonization (1s1 and H2Pro), energy (Clarke) and digital channels and process digitization (Oico and Traive) .

CSN Inova Bridge

Also in 2021, supported by an extensive survey of governance models in sustainability and innovation carried out by CSN Inova Bridge, the ESG Committee was created as an advisory body to the Board of Directors at CSN. Formatted as an agile laboratory model for socio-environmental innovation to manage our main opportunities for material topics mapped by the CSN Group, Inova Bridge focuses on: (i) Climate Change; (ii) Diversity & Inclusion; (iii) Territories; (iv) Waste; (v) Water & Effluents; (vi) Biodiversity & Forests; (vii) Value Chain, Governance & Compliance; and (viii) Occupational Health & Safety. With 26 ESG Ambassadors, represented by employees from different areas of the CSN Group.

CSN Inova Tech

Finally, 2021 was also marked by the creation of CSN Inova Tech, the area that leads the technological front of CSN's decarbonization journey. For this, the Climate Change Group ('GMC') was structured, a multidisciplinary team linked to the ESG Committee, responsible for leading the decarbonization journey. The work of the GMC resulted in the identification and technological analysis of more than 100 mitigation options and the construction of the decarbonization roadmap for operations. For this, the area has been mapping strategic partners as relevant players in the sector, as well as universities and cutting-edge technological centers with the objective of establishing long-term relationships for the development of technological solutions associated with the decarbonization of the group.
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