Water & Effluents

Water is essential to our mining, steel and power generation operations. The control of water consumption occurs through the water balances of the operational units carried out in accordance with ISO 14046. CSN's largest water consumption takes place at the UPV, which is the only steel company in the country to carry out the water footprint. In this unit, we are a reference in the recirculation, achieving a total of 94% of recirculated water in 2022.
In addition, based on the Water Risk Filter WWF and Aqueduct WRI risk assessment methodologies, from 2020 onwards, we started to analyze the exposure of our businesses to water risks, from the perspective of both processes and watersheds close to our operations.

The Water Resources Policy covers the Steel, Mining, Cement, Logistics and Energy businesses with a view to promoting and strengthening best practices for the rational use of resources inherent and associated with the themes, in accordance with the Company's Sustainability Policy.

Grupo CSN reports annually to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Water Security module and in 2021 our score was raised from C to B-.

At CSN Mineração, the commitment to the responsible management of water resources has more than 40 control systems for effluents and drainage and more than 30 monitoring points in the water courses located in the area of influence of the enterprise, continuously investing in new technologies and in projects that increase their efficiency in the use of water and in the treatment of effluents.

As a result, we achieved a 20% reduction in the consumption of new water per ton of ore produced compared to 2020, and we continue with all the results of the monitoring of dykes and dams (of the various monitored effluent parameters), 100% within the limit stipulated by current legislation. At the Central Plant, through investments in new technologies, the water recirculation rate increased from 79% in 2018 to 88% in 2022.

In 2021, CSN Mineração concluded the study of its Water Footprint, promoting a better understanding of how its operations interact with water resources, which resulted in the elaboration of a mature plan aimed at improving its water efficiency in the company's processes. 2021 was the first year of reporting to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Water Security, and CMIN was rated C.

Reduction of 14,5% in specific water abstraction per ton of steel

In 2022, reduction of 14,5% in specific water withdrawal per ton/steel produced at the steel industry, in comparison with 2020.

Reuse and reuse of water

94,4% reuse and reuse of water at the UPV in 2020 88% reuse and reuse of water at CSN Mineração in 2022

Decrease of water capture

The UPV achieved an 8.7% reduction in water volume captured, when compared to 2021, going from 81 thousand megaliters to 74 thousand megaliters in 2022

CSN’s water intensity

Water withdrawal (m3)10098076010111179092212247
Intensity (water collection/DVA)
Water withdrawal (m3)10098076010111179092212247
Intensity (water collection/DVA)
Water abstraction - all sources
Water disposal
Since 2013, we have held the Sul Fluminense Forum on Waters with the aim of debating the topic with other actors in the Paraíba do Sul river basin. The event takes place in celebration of International Water Day, with the participation of representatives of civil society, environmental agencies, academics, members of the basin committee and other companies in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Also since 2013, we have participated in the Technical Chamber of CEIVAP (Committee for the Integration of the Paraíba do Sul River Watershed) and of the CBH/MPS (Medium Paraíba Watershed Committee), the region where the UPV is located, representing the user segment of waters of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Participation enables open dialogue with other members of civil society and public authorities with the aim of contributing to the management of the waters of the Paraíba do Sul River and its tributaries.

In Minas Gerais, we are part of the Paraopeba River Basin Committee and CTIOAR (Technical Chamber for the Integration of Procedures, Grant Actions and Regulatory Actions), enabling open dialogue with members of civil society and public authorities, with the objective of supporting the management of the waters of the Paraopeba River and its tributaries.
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