CSN Inova

CSN Inova is created focused on innovation

In late 2018, following a diagnosis of the innovation ecosystem in Brazil and at CSN, CSN Inova was created, a corporate area intended to strategically and actively position us in the innovation ecosystem. CSN Inova’s launch came as a complement to all innovation initiatives already developed, such as the Research and Development Center, responsible for product innovation.

CSN Inova’s mission is to conduct a continuous diagnosis of the main ventures of several areas within CSN and lead the open innovation process to come up with definitive and effective solutions to these ventures. The open innovation process consists of connecting employees to innovative solutions through partnerships with startups, universities and other players, as well as testing and implementing solutions on a scalable basis within CSN.

Operational pillars

CSN´s essence – Fazer bem, Fazer mais e Fazer para sempre guides CSN Inova’s operational pillars: