Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services

CSN’s Biodiversity Index for Operations - BIO.

In 2023, the CSN Group set itself the challenge of implementing a Biodiversity Index for all its operations that have the greatest potential for impact on biodiversity. The practice, which is already adopted by most Cement operations, will be incorporated for the other segments of the Group. Of the twelve operating units in the cement sector that make up the scope of the project, ten of them already apply this methodology. And, in 2023 and 2024, it will be replicated in nine more units of the other segments of the Group.

The Biodiversity Index for Operations (BIO) consists of a set of diagnostics and indicators to guide operations in adopting a standardized system to monitor biodiversity and encourage regular follow-up reporting. The application of the methodology is based on the IUCN Biodiversity Indicator and Reporting System (BIRS) guide. 

In the second quarter of 2023, the adaptation and application of BIO in mining in Casa de Pedra (MG) began through the BIO Pilot Project, and TLSA Logística will also be included in 2023. The project has the participation of fifteen multidisciplinary professionals from the Cement, Mining, Logistics units and the corporate area. The index application will allow the comparison of relevant aspects of biodiversity under the same metrics, making it possible to identify and rank operations with more or less preserved biodiversity areas.

Implementation Benefits:


o Improving the measurement of relative progress or degradation in the condition of existing biodiversity

o Standardization of numerical expression for biodiversity suitability

o Possibility of historical comparison of operational units

o Possibility of consolidating results at national, regional and global levels

o Target setting

CSN teams carrying out the field work of the BIO Pilot Project at Mineração Casa de Pedra (Congonhas - MG / Brazil).

Biodiversity impact management programmes

1. Flor rescue
2. Phenological monitoring
3. Seed collection
4. Scaring and rescuing wildlife
5. Environmental compensation
6. Revegetation of exposed soil
7. Monitoring of fauna and flora around operations with more than 500 species already identified
8. Forest fire prevention
9. Execution of drainage projects
10. Implementation of sediment containment devices
11. Road signs against trampling of fauna 
12. Environmental education programs

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services Roadmap

Over the years, we have improved our monitoring of biodiversity in the vicinity of our operational units.Seeking to identify the main risks and opportunities related to the theme of Biodiversity, and reflecting the Company's Biodiversity Policy, a roadmap was established for the theme, oriented towards meeting the requirements and guidelines of the Task Force for Financial Disclosure related to Nature (TNFD1) and the Performance Standard 6 (PS6) of the International Financial Corporation (IFC). The roadmap foresees work fronts until 2025 that contemplate the refinement of the scope, ecosystem services and adherence to the TNFD and PD6 requirements and guidelines.

See our 2021 Integrated Report to learn more about our actions (

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