Climate Change

CSN's businesses are intensive in energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, so the search for greater energy efficiency and flexibility in the use of alternative fuels and the management of CO2e emissions have always been strategic themes for growth, increased competitiveness, and business continuity. Within the ESG strategy, CSN is committed to transforming its business towards a low-carbon economy. For example, investing in new low-carbon technologies, process improvements and automation, and various innovations that reduce CO2 emissions in steel, mining, and cement sectors. 

One of the major advances in 2022 was  the elaboration of CSN's climate scenarios, which are available in the 2022 Climate Action Report, that presents the Group's Decarbonization Journey. We are pioneers in preparing this report, being one of the only companies in Brazil to publish it. Click here to access the document.

Also, in the same year, CSN was the only Brazilian company in the steel, mining and construction sectors named by S&P to its 2023 Global Sustainability Yearbook, and was also categorized as “Industry Mover” in the steelmaking sector, because it was, according to the criteria of the agency, the company in the sector that has made the most progress in ESG practices in the world. In addition, CSN received a new classification by the Sustainalytics rating in 2022, reducing the score related to ESG risks from 39.1 to 25.9, when CSN reached the 6th best score in the sector out of 156 steelmaking and mining companies evaluated globally

Additionally, we have been inventorying greenhouse gas emissions following GHG protocol guidelines since 2013, reported by the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, having received a Gold Seal in 2014. Access our annual inventories here. In 2022, we improved our performance to a B score for CSN Mineração and kept this score for CSN Group. 

Scope 1 - per segment

in percentage

Scope 2 - per segment

in percentage


We have one of the lowest scope 2* emissions in the steel sector (according to an assessment based on documents made available by the World Steel Association since 100% of CSN's electricity consumption comes from renewable sources of its own generation.

In 2022, CSN completed the acquisitions of UHE Quebra-queixo, Sacre, Santa Ana and CEEE-G, consolidating its self-sufficiency in the energy sector and advancing its decarbonization strategy with a focus on zero emissions in Scope 2.

*Scope 2 refers to sources that cause emissions indirectly, by consuming electrical (or thermal) energy produced by others.

CO2 Intensity

(1) According to methodology of the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) Scope 1+2

(2) According to the methodology of the Brazilian GHG Protocol (Scope 1 +2)

(3) According to World Steel Association methodology (WSA - Scope 1+2+3)

(4) Considers Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions divided by distributed added value (DVA)

CO2 Absolute Emissions

Commitments to a low carbon emission

CSN invests efforts and resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to mitigate impacts related to climate change. In 2021, a Roadmap of Projects for the Decarbonization of our operations was built with the help of a tool. With that, we updated our GHG reduction commitments:


Reduction of 10% in CO2e emissions per metric ton of crude steel by 2030 and reduction of 20% by 2035 (base year 2018)


Reduction of 23% in CO2e emission per metric ton of cement by 2030, reaching 396 kgCO2 e/t cement


Reduction of 30% in CO2e emissions per metric ton of ore produced by 2035 (Scopes 1 and 2) (base year 2019), and achieving net zero by 2044 in scopes 1 and 2
CSN believes in responsible and transparent management of the natural resources with which its operations interact. Annually, one of the ways that the Company uses to communicate its practices and environmental performance data to its stakeholders is the report to the CDP (Disclosure Insight Action). Click here to access CSN´s Report.
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