Steel industry

CSN operates throughout the entire steel production chain, from iron ore extraction to the production and sale of a diversified line of steel products, including flat, coated, galvanized, pre-painted steel, metallic sheets and long steel (rebar and wire rod). The Company has units in Volta Redonda and Porto Real, both in the State of Rio; and in Araucaria, Paraná. Abroad, it has units in Portugal (Lusosider) and Germany (SWT). In addition, the company has a strong steel distributor, Prada Distribuição, and specialized packaging units, Prada Embalagens (SP), Prada Resende (RJ), and the recently acquired Metalgráfica Iguaçu. An integrated business model and quality management allow CSN ​​to have one of the lowest production costs in the global steel industry.

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Steel process

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