CSN Foundation celebrates 60 years and redefines your brand


In the same year that CSN celebrates 80 years, CSN Foundation celebrates six decades of operations, marked by the execution of projects and programs that are directly connected with CSN's mission and essence.

Taking advantage of this milestone, CSN Foundation started a process to redesign your brand and your way of communicating, in order to make the purpose of transforming lives and communities more evident, based on the areas of action: education, culture, articulation and curatorship.

Responsible for the CSN Group's social actions, the Foundation's purpose is to transform lives and communities through the pillars that support your operations: education, culture, articulation and curatorship. CSN Foundation is present in six states, with direct operations in 27 cities and also with nationwide public notices.

Para mais informações, acesse o site da Fundação CSN: https://www.fundacaocsn.org.br/ https://www.fundacaocsn.org.br/