• Community

    Transparency dialog

    CSN and Community Committee

    Created in August 2018, the CSN and Community Committee aims to build a permanent relationship channel between CSN Mineração and the community. This forum is held every two months, being used to discuss and clarify matters of common interest and provide greater interaction and transparency between the company’s processes and the daily life of the city. The committee is made up of 23 members, including representatives of communities, NGOs, civil society, municipal government, among other highly representative members of the Municipality of Congonhas and nearby regions and CSN Mineração. The meetings are bimonthly.

    CSN Support House

    Located in Congonhas (MG) and opened in 2016, the CSN Mineração Support House was created to develop Mining’s relationship with the community, with the aim of creating bonds, dialogue and opportunities. In this way, the Support House is a strategy that understands that it is important to establish an adequate channel of information for the population in general, in this place the resident of the Municipality can clear up their doubts about mining, its new ventures and its projections.

    Mine family

    CSN Mineração runs the “Family in the Mine” Visitor Program at the Casa de Pedra mine. The initiative allows family members of employees and residents of communities neighboring CSN Mineração’s operations to get to know the mine, the production process, the deactivated dams and the tailings stacking process, as well as monitoring the safety actions carried out on a daily basis.

    TdM – Territorial Development

    In a collaborative process between CSN Inova, Fundação CSN and the impact ecosystem, throughout 2021 and 2023, we built our teoria da mudança em desenvolvimento territorial (TdM), and its social innovation implementation guide that will guide the Group CSN in the design of pilot projects and potential scale related to private social investment initiatives in the territories in which the CSN Group is present. Using the expertise of Fundação CSN and CSN Inova, the aim is to promote the dynamism of the local economy and the generation of income for vulnerable communities in these territories.

    During its construction, more than 20 actors were convened for listening rounds and dialogue interviews, where we sought to understand the main enablers and inhibitors of territorial development in Brazil and Latin America. Through this process, the CSN Group designed a development impact thesis that contains its main objectives, territories, SDGs, premises, monitoring indicators, and logical implementation framework. The Teoria da Mudança can be accessed here (available only in Portuguese).

    Human rights

    In 2022, the CSN Group, together with the Center for Human Rights and Business of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), began the Human Rights Due Diligence (DDDH) process in the Municipality of Congonhas (MG), where it is located CSN Mineração, following the framework of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Established based on the UN Guiding Principles, it is the main tool for identifying risks and impacts on human rights associated with business activity, including in the value chain. The objective of the project covers a broad diagnosis of adverse impacts, risks and opportunities for human rights in the Company’s business model and the opportunities to influence internal decision-making and business partners based on this diagnosis. 

    Green Line CSN

    One of the relationship channels with the company’s stakeholders is the Linha Verde – an electronic channel (telephone and e-mail) available to society for any complaints, doubts and suggestions of an environmental nature related to the company’s activities. A specialized team from CSN is committed to meeting the demands of the community in a maximum of 15 business days. Call volume is periodically reported to senior management. Phone: 0800 2824440