• Our Company

    The Essence of Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional reflects our continuous search for consistent and sustainable growth. We act motivated by the development of the country, aware of the corporate responsibility to contribute to a better world, with more efficiency and impact reduction, generating opportunities to: Do ​​well, Do more and Do forever.

    Do well

    We are a reference in what we do, always seeking operational excellence. We act with passion, we care like owners and we achieve consistent results, with safety, quality and satisfaction of our customers.

    Do more

    We do more with less by being innovative and committed. We constantly seek to optimize results and processes for continuous and responsible growth.

    Do forever

    Our learning is constant so that we can always act with a view to building a sustainable future. This is our success.


    To act in an integrated and innovative way, generating development in a sustainable and perpetual way.


    To be the most respected and globally recognized national group, strengthening the meaning Being Brazilia.


    • Our path is one of respect for life, ethics and the planet
    • Our focus is operational excellence
    • Our solutions are innovative and integrated
    • Our strength comes from people who make a difference
    • Our pride is BEING CSN

    ESG Strategic Pillars