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    We work to reinforce the Essence: Doing well, Doing more and Doing forever, making it alive in all projects, programs and people management processes. We invest in professional development and qualification, in order to contribute to the growth of employees and CSN. In order to maintain a high-performance and qualified team, each year, programs are improved to attract, develop and retain talent at different levels, always keeping them in line with our strategic guidelines.

    Contributors by segment

    Division of employees by area Steel industry Mining Logistics Cement Total
    2022 15,383 8,143 1,949 1,291 26,766
    2021 15,629 7,941 1,682 909 26,161
    2020 158 6,996 1,573 892 24,469

    Employees by contract type and gender

    2021 2020 2021 2020 Total men and women 2021 Total men and women 2020
    Determined Time 765 1,018 838 571 1,603 1,589
    Undetermined time 20,929 19,179 3,587 2,890 24,516 22,069
    Total 21,694 20,197 4,425 3,461 26,119 23,658

    People Management Model

    The People Management model that we maintain results from the conviction that human capital is our competitive edge and is the best guarantee for us to stand out in the market in which we operate. We transform knowledge into a successful trajectory, based on passion, dedication and competence that generate opportunities, achievements and recognition, guided by our integrated and efficient people management, which is based on five pillars:

    People Cycle

    Its objective is to analyze individual performance, identify professionals with high delivery and promote the development of employees. In addition, it is the basis for scholarship programs, participation in recruitment, talent mapping, Career and Succession, and all other internal processes.

    • Recognition / Meritocracy
    • Feedback
    • Development
    • People Pipeline

    The Competence Assessment follows the methodology below:

    360° evaluation Executive Directors; Directors; General Managers and Managers: They carry out self-assessment; and receive evaluation from the immediate manager; pairs; team; customers | internal suppliers
    180° Evaluation Coordinators and Supervisors: Conduct self-assessment and receive assessment from the immediate manager and team
    90° Evaluation Specialists; Higher Level; Administrative and Operational Level: Carry out self-assessment and receive assessment from the immediate manager

    In 2022, 91% of employees in Brazil underwent a performance evaluation process, which resulted in promotions, performance-based salary increases and the implementation of a Company talent retention program, reaching 186 retentions and 716 merits.


    Our development model guides learning and support initiatives to achieve strategic goals and objectives. We carry out programs that strengthen our culture and align the behavioral model of leadership with strategic directions.

    Total number of hours of training performed

    Total number of hours of training performed in 2022, by gender and employee category
    Level 2021
    Genre Average




    CSN Steel 38,217 145,604 15.2 13.1
    CSN Cement 3,183 11,800 10.8 11.4
    CSN Mining 29,159 172,946 17.5 28.7
    Other Mining 904 2,960 8.5 6.3
    Logistics 3,460 23,608 10.9 13.9
    CSN Corporate 4,647 4,378 9.4 8.7
    CSN Group 79,715 362,184 14.8 17.3
    Total average 353,492 14

    We carried out a partnership with Alicerce Educação, as a pilot project, investing in the training of 80 young people, with the objective of, at the end of 16 weeks, delivering them with a very differentiated educational base for the Brazilian context, accompanied by a complete MAPA diagnosis. . We prepare an action plan focused on meaningful and permanent development through personalization of teaching, meeting the real needs and possibilities of each student. The themes were designed to address the CSN Essence, aiming to develop them beyond Language and Mathematics skills. Accompanying these Young People, we had the opportunity to take advantage of 50 young people in our Apprenticeship program, improving their knowledge with a focus on the Company's opportunities.
    In partnership with Fundação CSN, CSN launched Projeto Mentoria Cidadã, an initiative that aims to increase opportunities for professional development and contribute to the employability of the students of Projeto Garoto Cidadão. Designed to support young people with fewer opportunities for the job market, the project is closely monitored by CSN professionals who hold leadership positions and are willing to share knowledge and experiences.
    We launched the “Trainee #VemSerCSN” program, which aims to attract, retain and develop young people with high potential to occupy strategic positions, aiming to add value to the CSN Group's businesses. The program lasts for 18 months, during which those selected go through a development journey that includes technical content, behavioral skills and hackathons which aim to put into practice all the acquired knowledge.

    The 2022 edition of the Trainee Program reached a record number of enrollments with more than 20,000 candidates and ended with 48 trainees developing projects in different areas of CSN at the end of the year
    We implemented CSN Conecta, a program aimed at engaging teams of up to 4 employees in the development of solutions aimed at accelerating ESG actions in the company, in the areas of water, energy, waste and emissions. The program was launched in all units of the CSN group, and the initiative, in addition to generating innovation through the solutions that will be developed, will contribute to the generation and sharing of technical knowledge.
    Corporate University

    CSN is considered a school by many of its employees. The Company’s potential to create opportunities for professional and personal development is a visible foundation on every page of those who write our history. With this motivation and, in order to complement this journey, CSN incorporated in its educational trajectory the Corporate University, which began in September 2022, building innovative education solutions aligned with organizational competencies and culture.

    CSN’s Corporate University emerges to strengthen the principles, promoting a meeting between the legacy of success and a continuous and enriching learning process of the Company. The online platform has several contents and training, such as skills of the future, emotional intelligence, among other training straining that will contribute to the development and improvement of skills and competencies fundamental to the career of each professional.

    Through the Corporate University, total hours of training for CSN Group employees in Brazil rose 25% compared to 2021.

    In addition to the Corporate University, CSN also supports with a scholarship those employees who wish to pursue a postgraduate, MBA, doctorate, and master’s degree, with a focus on the intellectual and professional growth of employees, CSN has an agreement with major educational institutions such as USP, FGV, and Puc, providing a good value for its employees to be able to undertake a new specialization.