MOVER commits to 10,000 new leadership positions for black people, and investing in professional development of 3 million individuals by 2030


MOVER, Movement for Racial Equality is an initiative that brings together CSN and another 44 large Brazilian companies as well as multinational corporations (MNC) in an unprecedented cooperative movement, which unites competitors and partners from different sectors of the economy to promote racial equality. This initiative is expected to generate 10,000 new leadership positions for black people, and invest in professional development of 3 million individuals by 2030.

The initiative is encompassed, to name a few, by Alcoa, Aliansce Sonae, Align, Ambev, Americanas, Arcos Dorados, Atento, Bain & Company, BRF, Cargill, Coca-Cola Brasil, Colgate-Palmolive, CSN, Danone, Descomplica, DHL, Diageo, Disney, EF, General Mills, Gerdau, GPA, Grupo Carrefour Brasil, Heineken, JBS, Kellogg’s, Klabin, Kraft Heinz, L’Oréal Brasil, Lojas Renner, Magalu, Manserv, Marfrig, MARS, Michelin, Mondelëz International, Moove, Nestlé, O Boticário, PepsiCo, Petz, Sodexo, Tenda, Vale and Via.

In the agreement, all companies assume a public commitment against racism. This cooperative endeavor in MOVER relies on the active participation of CEOs in decision-making, and aims to accelerate the change of existing personnel processes, and ultimately, effectively impact society. To boost its impact, MOVER seeks to add more companies interested in partnering with this initiative, expand targeted actions, promote debates, and build a platform for learning and best practices sharing. MOVER believes in transforming today for a better tomorrow.

The full manifesto is available at the MOVER website (


The MOVER – Movement for Racial Equality – is formed by 45 different companies to promote racial equality and fight against racism. This initiative is based under three pillars: Leadership, to reach 10,000 new leadership positions for black people by 2030; Employment and Training, create opportunities for professional development of 3 million people by offering trainings and connecting with black entrepreneurs; and Awareness, become a support and inspiring tool to raise racism awareness among the population.