Dialog and Transparency

After the dam-related environmental disasters, we needed to have an even closer relationship with the community of Congonhas. Therefore, we created:

CSN and Community Committee: CSN and the Community Committee – created in August 2018, the CSN and the Community Committee is geared towards building a permanent relationship channel between CSN Mineração and the community. This forum is used to discuss and make clear matters of common interest as well as to offer a greater interaction and transparency between the Company’s processes and the city’s daily life. The committee is comprised of 23 highly representative institutions from Congonhas and CSN Mineração. Meetings are held every two months.

CSN Support House: Opened in 2016, the Casa de Apoio CSN Mineração was created to encourage the relationship between CSN Mineração and the community, geared towards creating bounds, dialogs and opportunities. Thus, Casa de Apoio is a strategy that perceives the importance of creating an adequate information channel to the community where the city’s population can clear doubts about mining, the Company’s new ventures and its forecasts.

Family at the Mine: We invite our employees’ families to visit the Casa de Pedra unit, its projects and safety and control initiatives.

CSN Green Line - The Company keeps communication channels with its stakeholders. One of those channels is the Green Line – an electronic channel (telephone and e-mail) available to the society for possible environmental complaints, doubts and suggestions related to the company’s activities. A specialized CSN team is dedicated to addressing the communities demands in up to 15 business days. The volume of calls is reported to the senior management on a regular basis.

Phone: 0800 2824440