CSN discloses 2020 Integrated Report


CSN has just published its Integrated Report for the year 2020. The material shows the results of the Group's five businesses - steel, mining, cement, logistics, and energy.

Highlights include CSN's improvements in several indexes related to ESG issues. One of the most significant was reducing greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1 and 2) by 8% per ton of steel produced at Presidente Vargas Plant (UPV) in Volta Redonda. This outcome is close to the 10% target foreseen only for 2030.

Besides the reduction in emissions, another positive point was the 8.3% reduction in the total volume of water withdrawn in 2020, in all areas where the CSN Group operates, compared to 2019.

The advances are also significant about operational safety, in which the company achieved, in 2020, an 18.3% reduction in accidents compared to 2019. This was the best rate in the last seven years. "I see CSN at its best moment in all aspects. We have a much more modern company, with an agenda based on innovation, good environmental practices, and the best way to treat its employees and its workforce. All of this leads us to a perenniality expected for a company of this size, with our assets. And all this reflects internally", explains Helena Brennand Guerra, CSN's Director of Sustainability, Environment, Health, and Workplace Safety.

Click here to access the Integrated Report 2020.