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Ersa | 99,9%

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CSN mineração² | 87,5%

Minérios Nacional | 99,9%

CSN Arcos – Mineração | 100%

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Tecar³ | Filial da CSN Mineração

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Capital Manufaturado Mapa de atuação

Clique nos ícones do mapa para ver nossas operações.

Clique nos ícones do mapa para ver nossas operações.

Notas: 1. Nenhuma operação da CSN está localizada em áreas de terras indígenas delimitadas.

              2. Na CSN Mineração, somente a Casa de Pedra é a mina certificada pelo ISO 14.001.

              3. A CSN Mineração detém o direito de exploração do Tecar. O período de arrendamento para operação do Tecar termina em 2047, mediante a realização de novos investimentos.

Mining-icon MINERAÇÃO Participação
CSN Mineração² | MG 87,5%
Minérios Nacional | MG 99,9%
CSN Arcos - Mineração | MG 100%
ERSA | RO 99,9%
Tecar³ | RJ Filial da CSN Mineração

Notas: 1. Nenhuma operação da CSn está localizada em áreas de terras indígenas delimitadas.                                     2. Na CSN Mineração, somente a Casa de Pedra é a mina certificada pelo ISO 14.001.                                         3. A CSN Mineração detém o direito de exploração do Tecar. O período de arrendamento                                        para operação do Tecar termina em 2047, mediante a realização de novos investimentos.

Extraction and beneficiation

The CSN Mining, the main subsidiary of CSN in the sector, is the second largest exporter of iron ore in Brazil and sixth in the world. The high-quality assets of CSN Mining are located in the Iron Quadrangle, which notably include the Casa de Pedra mine, in Congonhas (MG).

Iron ore products for export are transported by MRS Logistic to the Port of Itaguaí (TECAR), in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

In addition, CSN has the Arcos, also in Minas Gerais, which produces three types of limestone, used as raw material for the manufacture of steel and for the production of clinker, the main input for cement operation.

In Rondônia, ERSA, a subsidiary of CSN, produces tin, a raw material used for tinplates in the packaging industry.

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Water recycling and reuse at CSN Mineração

Average water reclaim ratio of 


approximate volume of 0.65 m³



in water use efficiency

in 2019 vs. 2018


effluent and drainage

control systems 


monitoring stations

in the watercourses of site’s influence areas

Monitoring information are forwarded to FEAM (State Environment Foundation), SUPRAM-CM (Regional Environmental Administration - Metropolitan Region) and SUPRI (Superintendence of Priority Projects in the State of Minas Gerais).

At the circular economy concept, CSN Mineração invested in the construction of a magnetic concentration plant, which has boosted our operational efficiency, significantly decreasing the amount of tailings that would be stacked. Additionally, our tailing filtering plant has increased our water use efficiency, improving our water reclaim rate, which will reach 95% by 2023.


Em Minas Gerais, mantemos 463 hectares de áreas protegidas somente na região da CSN Mineração, o que equivale a três vezes a área ocupada por nossas operações, divididos entre 1.847,00 hectares de reserva legal e RPPN (Reserva Particular do Patrimônio Natural) e 2.584,00 hectares de Mata Atlântica recuperada e/ou restaurada. 


hectares of protected areas 


to three times the area occupied by our operations


hectares of legal reserve and RPPN


hectares of recovered and/or restored Atlantic Forest 

Breakdown of conservation areas maintained by CSN Mineração

Conservation Units

Climate change

Health and Safety

Tx. 2014
Tx. 2015
Tx. 2016
Tx. 2017
Tx. 2018
Tx. 2019
Tx. 2020
CMIN (mina) + MIPE + ERSA

Frequency Rate (CAF + SAF) - Mining

Dams Safety

Entre 2017 a 2020, foram investidos cerca de R$ 400 milhões em iniciativas para elevar a confiabilidade de suas barragens tais como: descomissionamento de barragens, filtragem e empilhamento de rejeitos secos.

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Employee and, in the back, Casa de Pedra mine

CSN Mineração’s program encourages visits from Congonhas population

To create a transparent dialog with the communities where we operate, clear doubts on our dam’s safety and stability and present how monitoring and inspection processes are developed, we created a visitor program at CSN Mineração focused on the population of Congonhas (MG), specially those who live close to the Casa de Pedra dam, students, local authorities and well as journalists and press representatives working in the region.

During the visits, which are organized upon demand, the population gains the opportunity to clear all safety and stability-related doubts, in addition to learning how the monitoring and inspection processes work. They also learn about the operation of the tailing filtering process, technology capable of filtering tailings from iron ore beneficiation processes. Visits can be scheduled both with the Institutional Relations Department - permanently in touch with local representatives - and with the Communications department.

Supported by CSN Foundation, we created the Espaço Comunidade CSN (Community Center), in the Residencial neighborhood, in the city of Congonhas (MG), intended to create an open and direct communication channel between CSN Mineração and the community in Congonhas (MG).