2022 was a year of extreme relevance for the CSN Group. The Company CSN took important steps towards its growth strategy based on four fundamental pillars: austerity, evolution in ESG practices, results innovation and financial discipline.
Find out about the ESG actions and practices that supported this journey of evolution in the CSN Group's 2022 Integrated Report.

CSN elaborated its first Climate Action Report. We are pioneers in this action, being one of the only companies in Brazil to prepare this type of report.

The document presents, in detail, CSN's Decarbonization Journey in the segments in which it operates: steel, mining, energy, logistics and cements, and the actions adopted and planned to fight against climate change. In addition to having targets for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we have the ambition to be a carbon neutral company. For this reason, CSN has invested in optimizing processes, using green hydrogen and renewable fuels, as well as electrification. Moreover, with the 2022 acquisitions, we will become self-sufficient in renewable electricity.

Check out the report to learn more about our Decarbonization Journey.


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